Drug Possession Attorney

Florida Ticket Firm and its experienced misdemeanor drug possession defense lawyers can help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, or anywhere else in Florida when you are charged with misdemeanor drug possession, including misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Marijuana–also known as cannabis, also known as hemp, also known as “Mary Jane”, also known as “weed”, also known as “grass”, also known as “pot”, also known as “dope”, also known as “bud”, also known as “hash” or “hashish”, also known as “ganja”, also known as “cheeba”–is illegal in Florida. It is illegal to possess marijuana in Florida. It is illegal to sell marijuana in Florida. It is illegal to grow marijuana in Florida. It is also illegal to drive under the influence (DUI) of marijuana in Florida. Marijuana possession is a crime in Florida.


Although marijuana is still illegal in Florida, marijuana is common and generally accepted in many social circles. However, just because your friends accept marijuana possession and marijuana use as commonplace, that does not change the fact that Florida law enforcement does not accept marijuana possession and will arrest those illegally possessing marijuana. Tolerance and acceptance by your friends does not make marijuana possession or marijuana use any less illegal, and it does not make the criminal consequences any less severe. Social acceptance and social tolerance of marijuana does not equate to tolerance of marijuana by Florida law enforcement.

Drug possession can cause you to possess a criminal record. Although many employers themselves might have experimented, or had more than an experimental experience, with marijuana, a criminal record for drug possession, even if it’s marijuana, is not a positive résumé builder and does not increase your attractiveness to employers. With a criminal record for pot possession, many interviewing employers will question whether you would be coming to work high or coming to work at all. Although being high on grass might make you feel good, your use of an illegal drug is usually not going to make an employer feel good.

Drug possession can cause you to possess a criminal record.

Sometimes people get wrongfully accused of marijuana possession when they were merely holding the drugs for their friend or their “friend” set them up and planted the weed on them. Other times someone gets so comfortable, regularly using marijuana that they almost get to the point that they forget it’s illegal. Marijuana has just become a part of their regular, everyday life and it only becomes irregular when they’re arrested for marijuana possession. Living the “high” life can get you the criminal record of a low-life in the eyes of the law. Even so, in the eyes of the law, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Florida Ticket Firm and its knowledgeable marijuana possession defense lawyers know the best course to seek to maintain your innocence and to seek the best possible outcome under the circumstances. When charged with marijuana possession or other drug possession, you have the right to remain silent, and should exercise that right, and leave the talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Florida Ticket Firm and its Florida drug possession defense lawyers are familiar with the potential defenses to criminal charges for weed possession. Plenty of people who illegally use pot are otherwise generally law-abiding, good people, but pot possession can ruin an otherwise untarnished record. Florida Ticket Firm can help you fight to keep that clean record.

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