Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Lawyer

After getting a ticket, most people are frustrated and don’t want to deal with the process of challenging their citation. After all, getting ticketed can be frustrating and embarrassing. Thinking that it will take too long and not be worth the effort, too many Florida residents pay their traffic tickets and accept the points on their licenses. Depending on their car insurance, they may even face insurance premium increases. Talk about adding insult to injury!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When it comes to challenging a traffic citation, most Floridians feel like it isn’t worth their time. They think they’ll have to spend a day or two parked in a courtroom, waiting for their case to be called, and that the system is already stacked against them. Financially, it may not make sense to miss work in order to challenge a ticket—even when it comes with a hefty fine and points on their license. In this situation, it’s certainly understandable that many people feel dispirited and think that paying the ticket is better than the alternative.

Florida Ticket Firm makes it easy to challenge a Florida uniform traffic citation. Rather than having to find ways to challenge your ticket and then waiting around traffic court for your name to be called, hiring Florida Ticket Firm allows you to rely on their in-depth Florida traffic citation knowledge. Plus, they’ll wait in that courtroom for you so you can work or take care of the kids as needed. As you enjoy your water cooler talk or playground time, you’ll know that experienced Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyers are working hard to seek a positive outcome for you in court. While there are no guarantees, hiring a reputable Florida traffic ticket lawyer can make the process easier.

Florida Ticket Firm can help Fort Lauderdale residents fight traffic tickets without the headache. With years of experience and over one million traffic tickets handled, the attorneys of Florida Ticket Firm concentrate their practice in defending Florida traffic citations. With locations in both Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida Ticket Firm is ready to help South Florida residents 24/7. They are dedicated to helping those who feel they’ve been improperly ticketed fight their citations.

Florida Ticket Firm aims to provide a technical defense that challenges the evidence provided by the issuing authorities. This includes challenging any faulty technology or methods used, challenging the objectivity of the issuer, and challenging the processes and procedures utilized. Years of experience has made it second nature for our attorneys to pinpoint problematic tickets and find discrepancies that can allow for a successful challenge. In fact, hiring a Florida Ticket Firm attorney increases your chances of a positive outcome.

Florida Ticket Firm has experience with:

Florida traffic law aims to create a safe driving environment for all Florida residents. However, sometimes uniform traffic citations are issued without following the appropriate procedures or with weak evidence. It is a citizen’s right to challenge these tickets, especially when they can harm one’s driving record or cause a financial burden. Doing so on one’s own is exceedingly difficult, however. In addition to the time spent in the courtroom, preparing to make a defense without knowledge of the legal system can be a daunting experience that is not for the faint of heart.

Too often, Florida drivers attempt to challenge their own tickets without legal representation. This is a mistake. Without legal guidance, these drivers lay out a case that is based on a story without realizing that it is not a valid defense. Saying you are speeding because you needed to get to the airport before your plane took off is not a defense. It fails to challenge the evidence against you and actually helps the other side. What is necessary—and what a skilled Florida traffic ticket lawyer will provide—is an evidentiary defense that either challenges the evidence against you or provides new evidence in your favor.

When you hire a Florida Ticket Firm lawyer, you are hiring all the collective knowledge the lawyers have gained through challenging various Florida traffic citations. And with so many traffic tickets handled, that’s a lot of knowledge! This history works in your favor and can help keep your license point-free.

Challenging a traffic ticket doesn’t have to be difficult—it’s as easy as calling Florida Ticket Firm for a free consultation. But don’t hesitate—there are strict deadlines for challenging a traffic ticket in the state of Florida. Set up an appointment with Florida Ticket Firm to discuss your ticket today and learn more about our experience.