Tampa Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Tampa Traffic Ticket Lawyer

There is no good time for a ticket. We all lead busy lives that have us rushing around running errands, making sure we’re on time for a meeting or appointment, or picking up the kids from their latest adventure. Wherever we’re headed, we may not notice that we’re pressing just a bit too much on the gas—until the flashing lights in the rearview mirror inform us.

Whether we’re on our way to work or trying to make it to the game before tip-off, there’s no good time to get a traffic ticket. While it is certainly the right of an officer to issue a ticket he or she feels is substantiated, it is also the right of Tampa residents to challenge such a ticket.

There are numerous infractions that can result in a traffic ticket, from speeding to violating right of way. Other popular citations include careless or reckless driving, failure to obey traffic signals, faulty equipment, and improper passing. Each ticket has its own burden of proof that must be met and its own evidentiary requirements. Many of these infractions are often subjective. In order for a citation to be handed out, an officer must observe the act or utilize different technology to determine that a particular action has occurred. But what happens when that observation is clouded by other factors or the technology is faulty? What if the appropriate procedures aren’t followed?

Too often, Tampa residents are pulled over when simply going with the flow of traffic. A moment of distraction when we are more focused on the cars around us and not on the speedometer can lead to a hefty fine. An officer is obligated to pull over what he or she determines to be a speeding vehicle, however, faulty or miscalibrated equipment can lead to false-positives. Likewise, other oversights, like failing to notice a “no turn on red” sign or passing a slower vehicle on the right can result in citations that may not be the fault of the driver.

Not all traffic citations are created equally. While causing damage to property will understandably increase your fines and penalties, other factors, such as whether the occupants in your vehicle have their seatbelts on, whether you are driving in a school zone, and how much over the speed limit you were going can affect how much any one ticket will cost you. Likewise, having other traffic tickets on your record can also compound the issue. Pleading ignorance to the law or saying you didn’t see a posted speed limit or other sign won’t help you.

Getting a traffic ticket can be a major blow. Embarrassed or angry, too many Tampanians shell out their hard-earned cash for infractions without bothering to appeal a citation. Others attempt to appeal a traffic ticket on their own, without the experience of a Tampa traffic ticket lawyer. Both may be a mistake.

A Tampa traffic ticket lawyer is your best resource for appealing a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket. With years of experience focused on traffic law in the Tampa area and knowledge in the processes and procedures of traffic ticket administration, Florida Traffic Firm knows the right methods for challenging traffic tickets. Florida Traffic Firm has attorneys who have handled over 1 million traffic tickets in the state and who are prepared to help you with your traffic ticket.

Many people don’t consider that paying a ticket is an admission of guilt, not just taking the easy way out. They take the hit from the ticket and commit to doing better in the future so the points don’t add up on their license. But there’s a better—and smarter—way to deal with a Tampa traffic ticket.

Speaking with a Tampa traffic ticket lawyer can provide you with the information you need to determine whether challenging a ticket is in your best interest. Their knowledge about the traffic court system and how to best challenge evidence can make it worthwhile to challenge a ticket that would otherwise result in a fine, points, and possibly an insurance premium increase. During your consultation, you’ll learn more about the possible ramifications your ticket may have and how a skilled Tampa speeding ticket lawyer can help you.

If you’re weighing the cost of a ticket versus the amount of time it would take to challenge it—don’t! When you hire a skilled traffic ticket lawyer, you don’t need to worry about waiting around at traffic court or how you’ll manage to challenge the evidence. That’s all taken care of for you by the attorneys at Florida Ticket Firm.

Don’t just accept the points on your license and write a check—consult with a skilled Tampa speeding ticket lawyer. A free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer from Florida Ticket Firm will help you determine whether challenging a traffic citation is the right choice for you, but don’t delay! Traffic citations must be challenged quickly. Call for a free consultation today!