When Should I Consider Hiring a Traffic Lawyer?

traffic lawyer

Most people, if not all, will gather at least one traffic ticket during their driving lifecycle. 

When that happens, your heart feels like it’s falling into your stomach because you’re not sure what to do next. Do you fight it? Do you pay for the ticket and accept the blame?

There are several instances that could lead to a traffic ticket. Maybe you ran a stop sign or at least didn’t come to a complete halt at one. Perhaps you were speeding just a tad too fast.

Regardless, here are a few scenarios where hiring a traffic lawyer is an advantageous idea.

1. It’s Your Very First Ticket

This is a horrifying experience that every driver must go through at one point or another. The time that you get your very first ticket while on the road.

Here’s the good news: After you go through the process this first time, you’ll know what to expect if and when it happens again.

However, that doesn’t mean you should simply take the traffic ticket as absolute and accept the ticket without fighting it.

In fact, there are several reasons why you should try and fight that initial ticket. First, It’s the difference between keeping your driving record spotless and not. That means lower car insurance premiums and a higher rate of accident forgiveness.

Second, you might have a legitimate claim for being not guilty. If you haven’t been in this situation before, only a traffic lawyer would be able to point that out.

As you can see, under the right circumstances, hiring a traffic lawyer can have tremendous value for your first-time offense.

2. You’re Not Knowledgeable on Traffic Laws

No one has as firm an understanding of traffic laws as those that sought higher education for it. 

Many people make the mistake of thinking “I have the internet at my disposal, I can do the research myself”. However, there’s a difference between knowing different laws and using them in a case.

If you’re planning to fight this ticket, you need to have years of experience and know-how on your side. The only way to obtain that is by hiring a trusted traffic lawyer to represent you.

Not to mention, this lessens the burden on your behalf. Now that you have someone to defend you, it’s up to them to see the case through to the end. They’ll instruct you on everything that you need to do from this point forward.

3. Your Points Have Piled Up

Perhaps this isn’t the first or second time that you’ve been pulled over and given a traffic ticket of some sort. 

Most of the states in the USA have a point system with which they track your traffic violations of old.

Florida, for instance, has a certain amount of points that, if gathered within a certain window of time, will warrant a suspension.

For example, if you’ve compiled 12 points within a 12-month span, you’ll be given a 30-day suspension. However, if you keep at that rate and compile 24 points within a 36-month span, then you’ll be given a full year’s suspension.

If you’ve already stacked up a fair amount of points against your license, you need to hire a traffic lawyer right away. They’ll do their utmost to try and prevent those points from being added to your record.

In this instance, without a proper traffic lawyer representing you, you can’t hope to keep those points off of the point record you’ve accrued.

4. You’re Dealing with Serious Penalties

Traffic tickets come in all shapes, sizes, and significance. There are seat belt tickets, careless driving tickets, speeding tickets, traffic violation tickets, etc.

However, there are some that are far more serious than others and thus will have more serious penalties to them. That could mean steep fines or, in some instances, jail time.

Don’t just accept those penalties lying down. You need to have an experienced traffic lawyer by your side to fight.

In these scenarios, it makes virtually zero sense not to have hired an attorney to represent you. Life-altering consequences are on the other side of your case if you lose.

Not to mention, it may be less expensive to pay for an attorney and win rather than pay for the fines if you lose. No one should go through this process alone, find an attorney that understands your case to represent you.

5. The Officer Pulled Over the Wrong Car

Police officers are only human. On a rare occasion, they might accidentally pull over the wrong car.

For example, they might have caught a light blue sedan going 20 over the speed limit, then pulled over your light blue sedan by assuming you were the one they saw.

Even though it’s a simple misunderstanding, these are really difficult to prove. You’ll need an attorney that has the proper resources to see this case through.

While it won’t be a small task, your case has a much higher rate of succeeding if you have a traffic lawyer overseeing it.

Hire a Traffic Lawyer for Your Case

These scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg. Truth be told, any traffic ticket that you receive should be brought to the attention of an attorney.

A traffic lawyer can help you avoid lengthy suspensions, costly penalties, and several other binding consequences.

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