Tickets for Careless Driving


Florida Ticket Firm and our experienced Florida traffic ticket lawyers handle Florida Uniform Traffic Citations issued for careless driving. A Careless Driving Traffic Ticket can be issued in Florida for failing to drive carefully or prudently given the driving conditions. Florida drivers are required to take into account the condition of the road, street, highway or interstate and adjust the manner of their driving accordingly. Drivers in Florida must have due regard for the roadway width, curves and corners–in addition to the traffic present. Florida drivers are required to be careful and alert, or risk receiving a careless driving ticket–or worse, being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

All automobile drivers, motorcyclists and truck drivers with a Florida driver license, and those with out-of-state driver licenses, driving the streets and roads of Florida (including those in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County and St. Lucie County) owe a duty of care to every other Florida driver, motorcyclist, and pedestrian. In other words, when you are given a Florida driver license and given the right and privilege to drive Florida’s streets, roads and interstates you have to pay attention and look out for everyone else, as do all out-of-state drivers who have been permitted to drive in Florida. You have to be cautious and follow traffic laws, traffic signs and the signs provided by the traffic around you. You have to anticipate traffic slowing down and traffic stopping. You have to anticipate traffic changing lanes and traffic turning. To be a careful driver and avoid a traffic citation for careless driving in Florida, you have to not only anticipate what the traffic around you is going to do, but you also have to anticipate what the streets and roadways are going to do, including curving, narrowing or even becoming slick or slippery due to rain.

However, distractions are everywhere that can take your attention away from the traffic and driving conditions surrounding you. Running late dropping kids off at school. Running late for work. Running late picking up kids from school. Just running late everywhere. Cell phone ringing. Kids are yelling and fighting in the backseat. If your attention is taken away from focusing on driving–even for a split second–bad things can happen, including receiving a careless driving citation.

The State of Florida is required to prove its case to prosecute a Uniform Traffic Citation for careless driving.


Careless driving can result in accidents with property damage and worse yet, accidents with injuries. Traffic tickets for careless driving are commonly issued where there has been a car accident, including a rear-end accident or other fender bender. Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorneys know the potential defenses to careless driving infractions and the potential errors that the issuing law enforcement officer (LEO), police officer, deputy sheriff or state trooper might have made in writing the ticket.

The State of Florida is required to prove its case to prosecute a Uniform Traffic Citation for careless driving, and there are typically many evidentiary defenses to such a traffic ticket that Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced traffic ticket lawyers are able to raise that would result in the ticket being outright dismissed, you being found not guilty or the State agreeing to a withhold of adjudication. You do not want to go into Court alone and fail to raise available and valid defenses to a careless driving citation and risk being found guilty of the careless driving traffic infraction. You also do not want to attempt to defend yourself and take the risk that you might unknowingly help the State prove its case, thereby ending up with points being assessed against your license and your insurance rates being increased as a result. Our traffic ticket attorneys know the weaknesses in the State’s careless driving case and know how to attack the evidence and cross-examine any witnesses to improve your odds of beating a careless driving charge.

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