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Traffic Tickets: Fees from $49^
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Florida Ticket Firm Fights Traffic Tickets in Traffic Court Every Day. Hiring Florida Ticket Firm puts the knowledge of Florida traffic law on your side and increases the probability of the best possible outcome in your traffic ticket case. In addition, hiring us saves you time and means you don’t have to deal with your ticket.

Leave your traffic ticket in the hands of a law firm that focuses on defending traffic tickets. Hire Florida Ticket Firm today. We can help.

Fighting your ticket is the only way you might get it dismissed. By paying your ticket, you are admitting guilt and essentially guaranteeing that points will be assessed against you and your driver license. In most traffic ticket cases, Florida Ticket Firm can help you avoid points, driving school and court. Why hassle with your traffic ticket when you can hire Florida Ticket Firm to handle it for you? Florida Ticket Firm can help.

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  • No One Wants Points on Their Florida Driver License
  • Points Can Be Expensive
  • Avoid Increases in Insurance Premiums
  • Points on your Driver License Can Cause Your Insurance Rates to Increase Significantly
  • Points can put your Florida Driver License at Risk
  • Keep Your Driving Privileges
  • Keep Your Florida Driver License

Avoid Points*

or your money back!

No School*

  • No One Wants to Go to Driving School
  • Driving School Takes Time
  • Driving School Costs Money

Avoid Driving School*

or your money back!

No Court*

  • No One Wants to Go to Court When They Don’t Have To
  • Going to Court Takes Time
  • Avoid Taking Time Off Work
  • Taking Time Off Work Costs Money
  • Florida Ticket Firm’s Traffic Ticket Lawyers Will Go to Court for You

Avoid Going to Court*

or your money back!

* Limitations & restrictions apply. Non-criminal traffic violations, with no mandatory court appearance, only. Contingent on having no moving violations within two (2) years prior to issuance of subject ticket. Results may vary & depend upon individual circumstances. Call for further details.



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^ Limitations & restrictions apply. Non-moving, non-criminal violations. Court costs, fines, restitution and other penalties additional, if any. Call for further details.
° Limitations & restrictions apply. Certain criminal cases depending upon individual facts and circumstances. Court costs, fines, restitution and other penalties additional, if any. Call for further details.



Although you could take time to research your traffic ticket charge, take time off work to try to defend your traffic ticket, and sit in Court for hours, you will not be able to recreate the experience our traffic ticket attorneys have accumulated based on their decades of collective experience.


Did you receive a ticket for driving without insurance and/or registration? When defending your a traffic ticket, you want to have a seasoned Florida traffic ticket lawyer who has an extensive background battling traffic violations on behalf of the “innocent until proven guilty.”


In addition to potentially having your license revoked, driving with a suspended license could mean incarceration (i.e., jail time), community service, administrative penalties, fines, civil penalties, and/or restitution. Our traffic ticket lawyers can also help you if you received a ticket for driving with no valid license.


It is the State of Florida’s burden to prove guilt in a Florida red light ticket case beyond a reasonable doubt. You have the right to remain silent and cannot be required to testify against yourself. You want a vocal Florida lawyer for red light tickets by your side to speak out persuasively on your behalf.


If you’ve been charged with careless driving, Florida Ticket Firm’s traffic ticket and criminal defense attorneys in Broward County know how best to attack the State Prosecutor’s case, and how to focus on the technicalities that might render the traffic citation and criminal charges subject to dismissal.


Our Broward County personal injury lawyers represent those seriously injured–and the families of those fatally injured–in car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. If there is no recovery, you owe us nothing – not even costs!


Our criminal defense lawyers are not limited in experience to traffic tickets. Contact FTF if you’ve received a ticket for trespassing, petit theft, shoplifting, and even possession of marijuana. Even if you do not feel you are innocent, you are innocent in the eyes of the law until you are proven guilty.


Drinking and driving can forever change your life and the lives of others. You may think that your life is over when arrested for DUI. Florida Ticket Firm works with DUI lawyers who know how to improve the chances that your temporary lapse in judgment will not have permanent consequences.

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