Florida Traffic Ticket for No Proof of Insurance


You get pulled over by a police officer, deputy sheriff or state trooper. You’re not sure why you were pulled over. The law enforcement officer asks you for your Florida driver license, Florida vehicle registration and your automobile insurance. You reach into your glove compartment and reach for your registration and car insurance card. You realize you just received your new insurance card in the mail but forgot to put it in your car.

You explain this to the officer who is understanding and explains to you that rather than issue you a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation for speeding (the reason you were pulled over), you’ll be receiving a Florida ticket for no proof of insurance. This is your “sort of” lucky day. Although you have avoided the “grand prize” being awarded to the other Florida speeding drivers in your nearby vicinity in the form of an expensive speeding ticket, you still receive the “consolation prize” in the form of a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation that is not that consoling and not that hassle-free. Completely avoiding any Florida traffic ticket sounds so much more heartwarming, but that’s not an option that you were provided by the Florida law enforcement officer who bestowed this traffic citation upon you.


Still, you should be thankful. It could have been much worse and potentially a lot more expensive. At least now, your potential downside with a ticket for no proof of insurance is not as bad. Even so, Florida Ticket Firm can help and completely alleviate your burden of having to deal with the traffic ticket for no proof of insurance if you have been pulled over in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Martin County or St. Lucie County. Call Florida Ticket Firm at 844.FLA.FIRM to have a FREE CONSULTATION with a traffic ticket lawyer who knows how to ensure your ticket for no proof of insurance is best handled. Florida Ticket Firm can help.