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Our Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorneys handle Florida Uniform Traffic Citations for unlawful speed, i.e., Florida speeding tickets. Everyone is always in a hurry nowadays. There’s never enough time in the day between family, kids, friends, church, work, school, volunteering, other obligations and trying to get ahead–or just trying to stay afloat. Running over here. Running over there. Running around everywhere. Life is demanding and beyond busy. Time is valuable. Everyone is always trying to squeeze as much time out of the day as possible, and it’s still never enough.

You’re having to go fast and speed around in life and sometimes that translates into going fast and speeding around on Florida streets, roads, highways and interstates. Even the most cautious drivers sometimes push the gas pedal farther down than Florida speed limits permit.

You were just moving with the flow of traffic, but the problem is that traffic was moving faster than the speed limit–which means you were moving faster than the speed limit. Of course, you are the only one pulled over by the law enforcement officer (LEO), police officer, deputy sheriff, or state trooper and you are the only one who was issued a Florida traffic ticket–apparently on behalf of all of the traffic that was speeding with you. Yet, none of the speeders stopped to thank you for being pulled over and taking the Florida Uniform Traffic Citation “for the team.”

Our Florida speeding ticket lawyers have the collective experience of handling over one million traffic tickets.

Sometimes you’re just running so late for a meeting, an appointment, an interview or to pick up your kids that you are so focused on the passing minutes–and passing all of the traffic between you and your destination–that you completely fail to notice your speedometer needle steadily passing the speed limit on your speedometer dial. The first time you actually realize you might be exceeding the speed limit is when you see the flashing lights of the police car, Florida State Trooper or Deputy Sheriff in your rear-view mirror.

Moments later you hear that dreaded and seemingly trick question: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Many drivers pulled over are nervous as they have never broken the law before–or at least have never been caught breaking the law before. Many other speeding drivers have been pulled over time and time again and are familiar with the Florida speeding ticket routine and receiving Florida’s Uniform Traffic Citation for unlawful speed. Some drivers are designated habitual traffic offenders (F.S. 322.264).


Whether you are a Florida traffic ticket rookie or a Florida traffic ticket veteran, each and every Florida speeding ticket lawyer has the experience of handling over one million traffic tickets. There are certain complexities related to Florida’s traffic laws, including relating to unlawful speed in a school zone, senior zone (senior citizens zone), or work zone, particularly when construction workers are present. Our Florida attorneys for speeding tickets know the legal technicalities and arguments to be made in Court to seek the dismissal of your Florida ticket for unlawful speed, even if the unlawful speeding ticket was issued for speeding in one of these special speed zones.

Our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida traffic ticket lawyers know how to question the purported evidence as to the speed of your vehicle, whether the law enforcement officer (LEO) claims to have obtained the speed of your vehicle by Doppler radar speed measuring device (RSMD), laser speed measuring device (LSMD), Average Speed Calculator (ASC), speedometer pacing, stopwatch or airplane speed monitoring. Florida Ticket Firm’s experienced speeding ticket attorneys know how to effectively question the validity of these various speed tracking methods, particularly when applied to your situation, and thereby render your Florida speeding ticket subject to dismissal.

Although no traffic ticket attorney can ever guarantee the actual future outcome of a speeding ticket, Florida Ticket Firm’s speeding ticket attorneys and their vast collective experience increases the probability of the most favorable outcome possible and permits us to make Florida Ticket Firm Promise* in many cases:

No School! No Court! No Points!

Or your money back!*

There’s no reason to spend your valuable time worrying about, and dealing with, a Florida speeding citation when Florida Ticket Firm can handle the speeding ticket for you in the most effective way possible–saving you time and preventing increases in insurance rates in many cases. If you have received a Florida speeding ticket in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, or Martin County, call Florida Ticket Firm toll-free at 844.FLA.FIRM to speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced speeding ticket lawyers in Broward County, Florida for a FREE CONSULTATION.