Suspended License Reinstatement Lawyers


Many don’t realize how valuable a Florida driver license is until they lose the privilege to drive. When your Florida driver license is suspended, you can’t drive to work; you can’t drive to the grocery store; you can’t drive your children anywhere; you can’t drive yourself anywhere. When your Florida driver license is suspended, you have to rely on others (including public transportation) to drive you everywhere.

There are a lot of ways someone could end up with a suspended Florida driver license, including, among others, failure to pay a civil penalty, failure to appear for a traffic court hearing, failure to pay child support obligations, a conviction for writing a worthless check, a conviction for shoplifting (retail theft), a conviction for stealing gasoline and a conviction for a traffic violation causing serious personal injury or death. When you have a suspended driver license, you’re not legally allowed to drive. Driving with a suspended driver license is a crime. If you have a suspended Florida driver license, you don’t want to drive and just hope you don’t get caught. If you’re caught driving with a suspended license, you could be arrested and go to jail—on top of continuing to have your driver license suspended potentially for a lot longer period of time.

Florida Ticket Firm helps people with suspended Florida driver licenses to attempt to get the suspension removed and to regain their driving privileges.”


Many times driving privileges can be reinstated if the underlying problem that caused the suspension in the first place is addressed. Florida Ticket Firm and its experienced traffic lawyers are very familiar with the legal steps and administrative process that must be followed to attempt to get someone’s Florida driving privileges back. Don’t drive while your Florida driver license is suspended and risk being arrested and risk facing criminal charges.

It’s problematic and inconvenient to have your Florida driver license suspended. It’s completely incapacitating to have your freedom suspended and to be put in jail. You don’t want to turn a bad driving record into a criminal record. You don’t want to turn a failure to meet an obligation into obligatory jail time.

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